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The Reading Method that

the Mold!

Why Is It Different?

The debate about "Which is the best way to teach reading?" has been going on now for almost a century. At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child! finally puts an end to this great debate by bringing about a perfect BALANCE between both sides — INTENSIVE PHONICS and LITERATURE-BASED readers.

EVERY word is decoded with INTENSIVE PHONICS — while the powerful, meaning-based context of the LITERATURE-BASED readers assists decoding and captivates interest. This perfect BALANCE provides the students with the BEST of BOTH worlds — thereby making it possible for EVERY child to succeed!

At Last! is the EASIEST possible way to teach reading, it's fast, it's fun, and it's compatible with EVERY learning style because it's Multisensory. It is also highly recommended for bilingual students because the LITERATURE-BASED readers teach English right along with teaching reading. It has been tested with every possible type of reading disability and has proven to be effective even with students diagnosed as "dyslexic." It is so simplified that if you can learn to speak, you can learn to read.          Next